Roohani Masail

A program designed to alleviate your worries, concerns and anxieties. Spiritual healing is provided by Sahibzada Pir Sultan Fiaz-ul-Hassan Sarwari Qadri, the direct descendant of Hazrat Sultan Baho (RA); who is one of the great sufi saints of the subcontinent.

This programme is aimed specifically at people suffering from different types of social problems such as marital issues, issues of teenage children, family breakdowns, stress of everyday life and mental health. This program provides solutions to many of today’s social concerns.  It provides spiritual guidance and therapy, in light of the holy Quran and follows the Sunnah of the beloved Prophet Muhammed (May peace be upon him), the Last Prophet of Islam.

Tasawuf is a vital tenet of Islam. It is through this method, that the great Sufis have guided seekers of truth to their individual destinations of soul purification.

Viewers are encouraged to participate in the show through live calls, text, and social media.

Time: Thursday at 1605 UK

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